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Search engine optimization competitor analysis (aka competitive analysis) can be used as a highly effective method of research that helps you rank better to attract more visitors and increase conversions. It is a way to uncover SEO opportunities that you might not have noticed otherwise.

Analyzing competitors helps to solve questions such as

  • Who are my true SEO rivals?
  • What keywords should I focus on?
  • What are the topics I should cover?
  • Where do I look for links?
  • What should I do to do in order to outdo my competition?

There are a variety of ways to perform competitive analysis to help with SEO However, the main concept is this: look at what’s working in your competitors (keywords and content, links and so on.) and then use that information to boost your own SEO strategies.

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What do you mean by SEO Competitive analysis?

SEO competitive analysis is the process of analyzing the keywords, links as well as the content of your SEO competitors to transform the most effective aspects of these strategies to your personal SEO strategy.

Instead of trying to figure out the best keywords to use or content to write or link building Instead of figuring out which keywords to target, content to create, or links to build, instead observe what’s successful for other people and build on the results of that success.

Think about a scenario from the real world Think about running an e-commerce store, one of three stores in the town. Customers are satisfied however, you are aware that they’ll also go to other stores as they are unable to purchase everything at one location. Therefore, you take an excursion to collect information about your competitors. You go to other stores to learn about the most popular products they sell. If you offer these products yourself, or better ones, you can help your customers take fewer trips and, as a result, you will earn more customers.

There are many methods to conduct a competitor analysis to help with SEO. This is a good starting point. This is what we’ll cover:

  1. Finding Your True SEO Competitors
  2. Keyword Gap Analysis
  3. Top Content Analysis
  4. Link Gap Analysis
  5. Google SERP Analysis

Download the template for free

For you to follow this tutorial We’ve created an online template for free download that can be used to carry out your own SEO analysis. The template can also aid you in creating an effective report.

  1. Create a copy this spreadsheet here.
  2. Follow the steps to collect the data.
  3. Change the data in this sample with your own
  4. Sort or filter your search, then tailor to meet your specific needs

Take note that for the simplest SEO competition analysis you don’t require any tools that are special — just your eyes and Google will help you get going. If you seek to discover opportunities, you should have an all-in-one SEO tool available. A suite of software that has an excellent link index as well as keywords is the best choice. To illustrate these points this guide makes use of Moz Pro. If you do not have an Moz Pro account, feel at ease to try the trial at no cost for all-inclusive access for thirty days. (This is a great way to get all the information you require to finish your analysis! )

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